Friday, August 23, 2019

FREE Testing of Your Water from Your Home, Pool or Spa! Call Today!

We test for Chlorine / Bromine / levels in spas and pools • We test for Ph Levels • We test for Alkalinity • We test for Hardness

Water that is clear does not mean it is safe to swim in! Be sure to take a water sample over to Neptune Water so they can test your water, provide a print out of suggestions on how to improve bather comfort and ensure the water safe to swim in – all for FREE! Neptune Water carries a full line of pool products at very affordable prices.


Pure Water

Neptune Water’s Extensive Product Lines

If you want access to fresh, pure water anytime, you need Neptune Water! We make it easy with a variety of products suited to your specific needs.

We Carry

  • Pool/spa treatments
  • Sani-Marc pool products
  • Iron breakers (for Sulphur in your water)
  • Water softeners
  • And More!

Ocean Salt Pool Products

Full line of Opening Kits, Maintenance Kits, for both Salt and Chlorine Based pools.


Reuse your bottles - don't fill up the landfills with plastic bottles!

We have a filling station where you can fill your own water bottles, whether it be 4 litre, 10 litre, 11 litre or 18 litre bottles with Reverse Osmosis Water, purified on site where we constantly monitor you are getting the very best, pure water.

Drive up to the front door for easier carrying to your vehicle. If the customer wishes they can purchase Reverse Osmosis Water or Distilled Water off the shelf in a clean sanitized bottle.

Join our FREE CARD SYSTEM - Fill 10 bottles or Pick up 10 bottles and get the 11th bottle free.



Please contact us for pricing.


Product Catalogue

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