Reverse Osmosis Water Is the Clear Choice over Bottled Spring Water

Caledonia’s Neptune Water Service LTD. explains that the cleanest looking water isn’t necessarily the cleanest.

Many bottled water companies tout the benefits of drinking the product that they claim has been drawn from a natural spring. While drinking directly from a spring is generally healthy, contaminants from the plastic bottle itself can end up in the water. The same goes for tap water; it may look unclouded, but there are likely chemicals that have dissolved in it that you can’t see.


This is not to mention that empty bottles of water can add a lot of extra waste to landfills, and many of them are made of materials that don’t naturally break down.

The answer from Neptune Water Service LTD. is reverse osmosis. Perhaps you’ve heard of this process and have been curious about it. This method was first developed about 40 years ago to desalinate seawater for personal consumption. However, reverse osmosis has also been proven to remove contaminants (that aren’t visible) as well as any visible solids from your water supply.

Neptune Water Service LTD. offers reverse osmosis purification at its site, where you can fill reusable bottles from 4 to18 litres. You can also buy pre-filled, sanitized bottles of purified water right off the shelf. The advantage of visiting the store is that Neptune Water can constantly monitor the quality of its product!

You’ll be rewarded with a free bottle of water each time you fill up or pick up 10 bottles with a card system! Water delivery is also available.

Reverse osmosis can make tap water taste and smell better, and you can rest assured that your family won’t consume any potentially harmful additives or contaminants. Ultraviolet light will also kill any harmful bacteria in the supply.

To find out more about home water treatment products, as well as pool treatment options and on-site water testing, call Neptune Water Service LTD. at 905-765-4797 or toll-free at 1-877-765-3011, or send an email. The store is located at 265 Argyle Street North.

As seen on The Hamilton Spectator.