Reverse Osmosis Water Systems Have Many Benefits

Neptune Water Services LTD. based in Caledonia, Ontario provides customers with bottled water and systems designed to clean and soften well water. One of the premier systems sold by Neptune Water Service LTD. is reverse osmosis technology. Nothing removes impurities from well water quite like a reverse osmosis system. People living on well water who want to ensure that they have an adequate supply of clean drinking water should consider purchasing and installing a reverse osmosis system. It’s proven that reverse osmosis technology can get well water cleaner than bottled water. It removes 99.9 percent of impurities and bacteria from water – leaving the water clean and ready to drink or use for cooking.


Reverse osmosis water systems are a solid investment for anyone who lives on a well and septic. One reverse osmosis system, properly installed, can provide a family with years of clean and safe drinking water. All that is required is for the filters to be changed once a year – an inexpensive cost that will keep a reverse osmosis system running for as long as someone owns a home. Reverse osmosis water treatments are just one of the many products sold by Neptune Water Services LTD. Other products on offer include water softeners, water pumps, salt for water softeners, ultra-violet light systems and bottled water. These products are designed specifically to keep well water as clean and easy on a household as possible.

As a family-owned business, Neptune Water Service LTD. believes that even the smallest traces of contaminants are unacceptable in drinking water. The technicians on staff are skilled and competent. They have years of experience when it comes to installing and servicing every type of water purification and filtration system. The technicians employed by Neptune Water Services LTD. can install a property with a water system that provides the household or business with safe and healthy drinking water – guaranteed. At Neptune Water Service LTD., all quotes are honoured and prices are reasonable.

People who require water purification or filtration system for their home or business should contact the experts at Neptune Water Service LTD. in Caledonia and inquire about a reverse osmosis system. It’s one of the best decisions you can make when it comes to having clean drinking water. To find out more about Neptune Water Service LTD., and all the products and services they offer, please give them a telephone call at 905-765-4797, or check them out online at

As seen on The Hamilton Spectator.