Water Quality Tests Ensure Healthy Water in Pools and Spas

Thinking clearly about your water supply is something the owners of Neptune Water Service LTD. in Caledonia highly encourage. One of the many water services they suggest you take advantage of is their free water testing service for your pool or spa.


When you take a dip in a public pool or hot tub, you are bathing with everyone else who has used it. These facilities can be more “cesspool” than “pool” if the water is not treated properly. Unlike public pools and hot tubs, however, you have a good idea of what — and more specifically, who — is likely to be contaminating your water with their sweat, dirt and natural skin oils, which happens to some degree every time someone climbs in. Of course, familiarity with those using your pool and spa doesn’t diminish the need to have it tested and potentially having the water replaced.

What does a professional water testing service do to ensure water health in your spa or pool? For starters, they utilize a Wet Lab to gather accurate results, putting your water through tests on a microbial level. Standard tests for chlorine/bromine levels, pH levels and alkalinity are critical parts of the water testing process. They also can test for hardness in your water. Your water can be too soft or too hard, thus playing havoc with your equipment’s pipes and just not feeling good on your skin. All their data is entered into a computer for professional analysis and returned to you in a thorough report on the quality and health of your water. With the knowledge gained from extensive testing, they can provide you with a plan on how best to treat your water.

While no one goes into a pool or hot tub expecting to swallow the water, it can happen. Testing from Neptune Water Services LTD. helps ensure the water quality safety in your pool and the health of your guests. Not only will someone test the water in your pool and spa, but they will give you a print out of the report, and recommend products you can purchase in-store at Neptune Water Services LTD. to help you maintain your water.

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As seen on The Hamilton Spectator.