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Reliable Water Purification Services in Caledonia

Water that looks crystal clear isn’t always safe. Count on the professionals at Neptune Water Service LTD. when you are in need of professional water purification services in Caledonia. Similar to our namesake, the Roman God of Water and Sea, we aim to provide safe water for household use. We deliver bottled water in containers of various sizes, water cooler systems and more. The water undergoes reverse osmosis or distillation processes to make it more safe and pure. Whether you need our products and services for residential purpose or commercial purpose, we have you covered. We have one convenient sales location!

Our services include:

  • Water delivery

  • Salt delivery

  • Water cooler rentals

  • Water cooler cleaning

  • Free water testing for home pool or spa

Pool and Spa Testing

Factors such as rain, sun, heat, bathers as well as adding water to your pool can affect water chemistry. We use a wet lab for accurate results. We test for factors such as:

  • Chlorine/bromine levels in pools and spas

  • pH levels

  • Alkalinity

  • Hardness

We provide a full line of pool, spa, and water products at affordable rates. This will help you keep your pool in pristine condition. We also carry a full line of Sani Marc products, including chemicals for salt water pools.

Water Testing Services

At Neptune Water Service LTD., we take pride in offering effective water testing services to our customers. Bring us a water sample of your home drinking water / spa water or pool water and we will get you on the right path today!

The two major ways to eliminate water problems:

 Water testing: We can test your water for free – it only takes a couple of minutes.

 Choosing the right solution: Based on the test results, we can recommend an ideal water filtration system for your requirements.

Listed below are a few important things to look for:

 Taste and odour:

  • Drinking water is considered pure when it is tasteless and odourless. Chlorine, heavy metals and other dissolved organic materials can affect the taste and smell of water.


  • Your drinking water might be coloured due to iron and manganese leaching from your pipes. Water like this can stain and leave a bad taste.


  • Water that contains a high concentration of magnesium and calcium is categorized as hard water. This can damage home appliances and boilers. It also prevents soap from lathering and dissolving which leaves soap scum on your shower, clothing and sink.


  • Suspended or floating particles in water make it appear cloudy. This can be harmful as these cloudy particles could carry harmful pathogens.

If you have any questions about our services or delivery options, please feel free to reach out to us. Our team will be happy to help you.

Do You Require Service on the Following?

We offer services on filter changes, UV light replacement, media replacement and system installations.

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